Emilia Cremeria,
the craft ice cream parlour.

Us as Emilia Cremeria ice cream makers want to create a special bond between the territory and the world of ice cream, using only high quality raw ingredients, attentively selected to create an ice cream that speaks for itself.

Thanks to our diverse experience in the sector and our deep passion, we manage to achieve all that is good about craftsmanship and about Italian ice cream.

Emilia Cremeria follows each single phase of the business, always with and eye on research and innovation.

For this reason, we have decided to focus on the high quality of our ice cream through the most complete transparency. Every day we produce the mixture, the perfect base for our extremely fresh ice creams, in each of our parlours. An ice cream prepared every day with passion, without hydrogenated fats and artificial colours.

Freshness is without a shadow of a doubt the word at the base of all of our experience. Not a day goes by in which in each of our parlours the ice cream isn’t produced daily with the best raw ingredients, excellent and fresh.

You will only ever find exceptional ingredients in our ice cream, such as High Quality milk, fresh fruit and cane sugar. The wish to promote the territory through regional excellence and IGP and DOP products, make our ice cream unique, with a flavour from times gone by and irresistible creaminess. The many flavours that we create during the year are testimony to this, authentic and genuine flavours born to satisfy each and every one of your desires.

Respecting tradition to all of us means not to abandon the use of high quality raw ingredients, but to support their use in every single phase of production. Welcome to our world, welcome to the world of Emilia Cremeria.