Craft ice cream making
signifies tradition

Emilia cremeria
means two things:
tradition and simplicity

Our ice cream is prepared every single day through craft methods and using only high quality raw ingredients that are environmentally friendly and make the ice cream perfectly creamy.

Passion for what we do leads us to creating our mixture every day directly inside each of our parlours: the ice cream made in this way is better, more genuine and above all fresher.

The unique ingredients and the incomparable creaminess of our ice cream will immediately take you back to memorable flavours and familiar tastes, like homemade cakes, cooked cream or typical Sunday desserts. But also a happy memory, a lost emotion, a dessert that you haven’t eaten for a long time.

All of this can be summarised by our motto, the phrase that represents the whole world of our craft ice cream: “return to simplicity…”. A return to simple flavours, to a craft ice cream made with care and dedication resulting in a unique, fresh and genuine flavour.